Friday, August 8, 2008

Reese's Baptism

Reese was baptized on the 29th of June. Happy was able to particpate in the service which made the service that much sweeter! We had everyone over after the service for lunch! Here are a few pictures from the lunch!


It's been a while since I last updated this blog but I am going to try to keep up better now. No excuses just laziness. Since June 4th a lot of things have taken place -(i'll just list them)
Trip to Jackson Hole
Reese's first trip to the beach
My last day of work
Molly passes away (the dog)
Dad's treatment
Reese's Baptism
I guess those are the main things. Now that I look at "the list" it's not really that many! Within the Reese world many things have taken place - rolling, eating and eating and eating, high pitch screaming, swimming, rolling but not crawling yet, friends visiting, a road trip or two! I'll try to post some pictures and fill you in on what all is going on! Hope all of you are doing well!