Sunday, May 24, 2009

Strawberry Pickin'

I was trying to show Reese how to hold the strawberry to eat it!
Jenny, Abby, Reese and me at the Strawberry Farm


Abby and Reese talking about how to pick strawberries!

Still working on the strawberry

Her basket of Strawberries!

Abby eating her strawberry!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quite isn't always good!

On Sunday Reese was taking a nap. She had been asleep for about

2 1/2 hours and then she started to stir. We waited for a second

and no noise came from her room. We thought she had just fallen back

asleep. A few minutes later I went to check on her. I got close to her

room but didn't hear anything. I peeped in the door and

saw she was sitting in the corner of her bed with her back to me.

She was just sitting there not really doing anything. I slowly opened

the door to a stinch that I am quite familiar with, but she still didn't move.

As I got closer to her bed I noticed her diaper had been removed

THEN I noticed there was a little surprise missing from the diaper!

Yes, she had taken off her diaper and her little "stink" had fallen out

onto the bed. She was just sitting there in amazement looking at it!

Lauren: "Oh NO!!"

Greg: (running down the hall) "What, What, What is she ok?"

Lauren: "She's fine....we just have a mess!"

Quite, then straight to the bath tub!

Nothing a little washing machine and soap can't clean!

Does anyone else have a chipmunk?

Reese now has four teeth with four more breaking through.
Once her teeth came in she started using her crib
as a chew toy! A lesson for me....keep things
in perspective and keep a little toy
for her to use rather than her bed!

" Is this lead free paint?"

Easter - what a wonderful day!

As I look back, I am so thankful for our Easter Sunday. I know it was a while ago but I'm just
now able to write. Christ is Risen....He is Risen indeed! We had a great time at church where
a wonderful sermon was preached. We also were able to fellowship with friends and family
after the service. Then we went over to Mary Beth's house with the rest of my family.
Dad was living with Mary Beth so it was easier for all of us to just go over there. The weather
was wonderful - a beautiful day actually! The guys (Will, Rhett, Greg and Brett -
a friend of the family) played a little basketball. It started out as HORSE but then
turned into a 2v2 match. Allison, Mary Beth and I got the food together in the
house with dad. Nanny was playing with the little ones, as usual. And Dad just
took everything in! The little ones would walk in and out of the house,
stopping by his chair to "talk". At least they thought they were talking to him
and he would just listen to their babble :)
Everything was just as it should be, all of us together!
Dad was getting a little hungry and requested some food.
Dad: "I'm hungry"
Mary Beth: gives him some ham then says "Dad, EAT YOUR HAM"
(those of you familiar with Napolean Dynamite it's a familiar quote)
Allison and I thought it was pretty funny!
After his second helping of food, we decided to give dad his Easter basket so he could
finish the meal off with some fine candy and chocolate! Everybody else got their Easter
baskets too. We've continued the tradition of being together on holidays trying to be
together at most of them, knowing that mom LOVED holidays. I think it's something we
do without saying it. It's just a way to remember mom. I was surprised by how fast the
time flew. We stayed there almost all afternoon. All of us were having fun playing
around and laughing with/AT each other! Dad enjoyed just watching everything go on
and eating a good ole' meal with all of us! I do have to say Dad had to endure Greg's
story of his male massage therapist! I think Dad got a good laugh at Greg's expense!

For this day I am so thankful and it will be with me forever!
Christ is Risen.....He is Risen indeed!