Wednesday, October 7, 2009

May a little too much

To say I like Chick fil a, well that might be an understatement.
I guess this little story might help fill you in.
Greg and I went to Hawaii in September. Reese stayed
with Aunt Kristin and Nana flew in to keep her too!
One day they all went to the mall around the corner
from our house. The one that was close to my work
when I was working. When they pulled up and went in
Reese was yelling, "Come, Come Come Come" . To her that
meant "GO GO GO GO"! At this mall they have a playground
which she loves to play on. Once Nana
figured this out she got to play on it.
Well, they went to Chick fil A to order and the Chick fil A
employees said, "We haven't seen you
in a while little girl!" Nana was a little confused and they told
her they use to see me when I'd come in for lunch
when I was pregnant and then after I had her! Kristin and Nana
thought it was hilarious that the employees at Chick Fil A knew
who Reese was! It's probably because they have great
employees who never couldn't be me going
to Chick Fil A too much!!!!
Maybe I should look into
finding another favorite restaurant and branch out a little!
(by the way...that's where a great friend of mine took me for
my 30th birthday !!!!!)

Things that make Reese, Reese

1. Our back gate doesn't shut all the way and EVERYDAY when we pull away she demands that I "SHUT IT, SHUT IT, SHUT IT"! It seems to distress her that the door doesn't shut all the way!

2. Come/Go- She's a little confused with these two words. When she wants to go, she says "COME COME COME COME"!

3. Reese and I are very similar in that we both get frustrated pretty quickly. I've been trying to work with Reese and show her she can ask for help when she is a little upset. I ask her if she wants me to help her. I say,"Reese, do you want me to help you?" She has picked up on it and now she will ask me to "HELP YOU".

Apparently, we have you /me backwards too!

Just a few little things that make Reese, Reese!

Dad's luck.....

Since my last entry, Reese has continued to enjoy the potty. I think she enjoys getting
"cookies" (aka teddy grahams) after going. We are still wearing diapers because I can't bring
myself to put her in "big girl panties" just yet. She tries to get us to give her a cookie even
if she goes in her diaper. We've been explaining that's not how it works.
Our routine is the potty, lay down for the diaper
and then get a cookie. Well, one morning before church Reese had already gone to the
potty with the help of her dad. So he figured she could go around the house without a
diaper on for a little while. She would run into our room then
run down the hall into her room. We were almost ready when neither one of us heard her.
Which is NEVER a good sign with a 23 month old. So I went looking for her....I found her
playing in her room. When I walked in the room I noticed a very strong smell.
At first, I thought "Wow, the smell can't still be lingering from
earlier in the morning" and then that's when Reese spoke up!

Reese: "Ott, oh"

Me: "What is it Reese?"

Reese: pointing to the scene....
Me: pure laughter....."Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh"
Greg: running down the hall...."what what what"
in the corner of her room was a little pile of poop....
those of you who have dogs...
kind of like when a dog tries to hide it in your house....same concept!
I guess this is life and how it will continue to be! You live and you learn.
You trust and pray you don't make the same mistake!
And you just move forward. So, I must say after cleaning it up
(well, Greg cleaning it up) LESSON LEARNED!
Never leave a child un-diapered UNLESS you are willing to take the risk!