Monday, December 1, 2008

A year ago!

I can't believe it was a year ago that a "typical" doctors visit led to a hospital stay, which led to the birth of our sweet little girl!  The whirlwind of those days, especially the day of the 25th, feels like just the other day, but to see her now, you would think it was years ago!  I never knew how much you could love something/someone until she was born!  As I look back, I am thankful that I was on so much medication after the C-section because it helped me to not realize I wasn't seeing my brand new baby girl!  I wasn't able to see her until 20 hours after delivery!  The thought of that now is devastating but the Lord knows how to comfort me when needed.  Over the past year, I have thought many different times how wonderful "this" age is and each stage just seems to be getting sweeter and sweeter!  I remember how much I just loved holding her in my arms as she slept all swaddled up in her blankets and then when she first started to smile and coo at me. And now as she babbles to me and calls out "maama", it amazes me daily the love that fills my heart!  I often think how selfish I am because I want her all to myself all the time and can't even start to understand the selflessness of God!  How He knew what suffering His son would undergo and still allowed all that to take place for me?!!  I'm know I wouldn't be able to do that!  I am just so thankful for this past year and all the amazing blessings the Lord has bestowed on us!  Our sweet little 3 pound girl has grown and changed into this cute, lovable, personality-filled 17 pound one year old!  Thank you Lord for what you have given to us and how you show us daily the blessings you pour out to us!  So  all that to say little Reese is now a year old - 17 pounds, almost walking and talking up a storm!