Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Something Bit Me"

Reese now has two teeth! I notice the teeth had be coming in but didn't realize how sharp they were until she bit me! That was a pleasant experience:) The bottom two teeth have broken through and are pretty powerful! Reese seems to not have any problems with teething so far and we all hope it stays that way! If I can ever capture a picture of the teeth I'll post one! Maybe for Christmas she'll want "her two front teeth" - that would be a pretty cheap Christmas!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My first try with a sippy cup!

Here is my first try with a sippy cup! I'm not sure what to do with it but I'll smile for the camera!

Still smiling for the camera but not sure what to do with the cup!

So, you hold it this way and do what with it?

Oh, I got it!

Wait, what's over there?

We are still working on using a sippy cup. I guess it will take some time!

"JUST" is the key word!

Two days after our 9 month check up we were back at the doctors office for our first real "SICK" visit. Reese came down with a cough that was rattling a little in her chest. Good thing I decided to error on the "over concerned mother" and take her to the doctor. She has a touch of RSV ( not the full RSV but just a touch - this is the infection we had to get special shots for right after she came out of the NICU). We are very glad she is just now getting it and hadn't gotten it before now! We were given a antibotic and breathing treatments. The nurse came in with the nebulizer and showed me how to put it together and use it with her. Connect this to that, plug this in here and then "JUST place this mask over her nose while the treatment is going". YEAH RIGHT.... JUST way, doesn't's like wrestling a wild hog to get her to keep the mask on for more than a few minutes. Here are a few photos we caught after a few minutes of fighting and wearing herself out! AND when she isn't fighting me and the mask then she is making noises into the mask to hear her echos! To say the least, it's been quite amusing! I'm just very thankful to the Lord for protecting her thus far from being sick!

It's now on her face and hopefully she is breathing in some of the medicated air!

Here she is making sounds into the mask!

The mask looks like a little fish and the nebulizer looks like panda! But neither one really help with the mask staying on the face!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My 9 month checkup!

Today we went to the doctor for Reese's 9 month checkup! She now weighs 15 lbs and 8 oz. She's 27 inches long and her head circumference is huge! Her percentiles are 50% for head circumference, 40% height and 5% for weight .....which means we have a tall, thin little girl with a big ole head! But I love that big ole head! It's amazing how far the Lord had brought her in just 9 months. I was looking back at pictures the other day and can't believe she was that small. I forget how tiny she was but am thankful for how well she has done since then!