Sunday, November 9, 2008

My trick monkey!

I'm not sure if other people feel the same way, but at times I feel like Reese is a trick monkey! I find myself constantly saying, "Reese say Mama, dada, bye=bye" or "Reese, wave bye, give me a kiss" and I expect her to perform! YEAH right! I know she can but I think she likes to make me look like the fool! I'm sure she thinks, "I bet I can get her to say that at least 50 times!!!" Much like the movie...Look who's talking~! How do I know she does this? OH, because as she is crawling toward the entertainment center she stops...looks back....smiles .....and then keeps going! I think I'm in control but she really knows who is in control! I wonder if it gets any different with kid number 3, 4, 5??!! I'll just try to remember that I don't have a trick monkey in the meantime!

Since the last time.....

The end of September.....Nana and Happy came, a new addition to the (extended) family, and my second little bit of RSV. I also learned how to crawl much better than the army crawl I was doing in August! Here are a few pictures from the end of September!