Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feeling the beat~!

I've been noticing that over the past month that Reese has picked up on music.
Towards the end of February we were driving along listening to her CD when
I looked in the mirror and saw her clapping her hands. It took me a second to
realize she was clapping her hands to the song, "If you are happy and you know it!"!
She's been clapping for a little while but I was quite amazed she knew to clap
when to song said to!

This weekend while at the beach we were walking down the hall in our hotel when
Reese stopped in the middle of the hall and started bouncing! They were playing
music throughout the hotel and I guess the moment took over!!! So there we are,
standing in the middle of the resort and she's bouncing to the music. A few couples
thought it was pretty funny too! I did get tickled watching her "dance"!
Ummm...I wonder, might I have a dancer one day???

"I'm walkin' yes indeed, and I'm taklin' 'bout you and me"

On the 25th of February, Reese turned 15 months old. Just a few days before then,
actually on Valentine's weekend, Reese started walking. She has been moving
about the den holding on to the furniture but was very leary of taking steps. But, I
guess it was just something about the Valentine's day weekend that lead her to
walking. I do remember the advice MANY mothers gave me.....
"Don't teach her to walk!!!". WOW, it does change things once they can
start walking! She is such a busy bee! Not only does she like to walk every where,
she LOVES to talk! Most of the time I have no idea what she is saying
but there are a few occassions I catch a word or two! (Usually it's DADDY!)